Sys Trier Morch

My name is full of Danish vowels, and is pronounced “Seus Treeer Merk” in English.

The beauty and transparency of watercolor have always fascinated me.  Now, I delight in the challenge of not being able to correct big mistakes –  unlike the possible tricks in oil painting of scraping away or painting over.  Persistence pays for the breath-taking successes in watercolor!

Following my talented paternal grandmother, two generations of Trier-Mørchs have been winning prizes in Europe as painters, sculptors, writers, composers, decorators, photographers, illustrators, silver designers, avant-guard architects; and many in the younger generation are computer graphic designers and programmers.   After a long career in commercial as well as social advertising and marketing, training, and teaching, I am fulfilling my part of my long artistic heritage.  Finally, I am a painter!

More and more, I am painting watercolor portraits, and have received commissions for several.  Please go to the Contact Page and send me an email, if you should be interested in arranging to have a portrait painted.

However, I am also easily lured to try to capture other, equally gripping subjects — stark urban landscapes, atmospheric restaurants, quiet pre-dawn city streets, vibrant summer beach scenes, screaming gulls, passionate tango dancers, and the odd watermelon!  There is a great thrill in creating watercolor surprises!